To Our Real Estate Clients

To foster relationships and deliver services that investors will seek out for value creation and long-term gains.

To Our Team Members

To define a culture that recognizes the value of each team member and their talents, skills, and passions while providing development opportunities for them to realize their full potential.

To Our Residents and Commercial Tenants

To deliver the most compelling service experience possible through product and service excellence.

Our Vision

Otherwise known as our guiding principle to success.
To enhance everyday life through excellence in real estate management by serving people, places and the communities we share.

Our Motto

Enhancing Real Estate. Enriching Lives!


Weigand-Omega Management, Inc. was founded in July of 1976 as Omega Management, Inc. in August of 1987, Omega Management changed its name to Weigand-Omega Management, inc. to better reflect the relationship that exists with J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc., a 100+ year old nationally respected brokerage firm.


Just like people, companies have individual personalities too. We take pride in our ways of thinking and conducting business that make us unique in our professional relationships. The ultimate issue when selecting a property management company often becomes more than its programs, policies,  and procedures. The decision often hinges on the people that are involved with providing the service. Weigand-Omega Management, Inc. has been providing management services for apartment communicates, retail properties, office buildings, shopping centers, and condominium and homeowner associations since our founding in 1976. Although what we do is important, it is how we do it that makes the difference. That is because we are only as good as the people that comprise our company and there is no substitute for the people that give us our unique corporate personality.