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JPII Commons

Kansas City, MO

5220 Troost Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64110

About Our Company

The decision to select a management company often hinges on the people that are involved with providing the service. Weigand-Omega Management, Inc. has been providing management services for apartment communities, retail properties, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels/resorts, self-storage, and condominium / homeowner associations since our founding in 1976.

Just like people, companies have individual personalities too. We take pride in our ways of thinking and conducting business that make us unique in our professional relationships. Property management companies are more than just their programs, policies, and procedures.

Although what we do is important, it is how we do it that makes the difference. We understand that we are only as good as the people that comprise our company and there is no substitute for the people that give us our unique corporate personality.

Weigand-Omega Management, Inc.


Apartment Association of Greater Wichita Star of Excellence Award Winners 2018

  • Best District Manager
  • Best Support Staff Member
  • Best Association Apartment Individual
  • Best Association Management Company


We highly value innovative ideas! Innovation is one of our Core Values and we live by it! Do you have a suggestion on how we can innovate and be the best in the industry? We want your input!

ENHANCING the lives of seniors


Omega Senior Living was born out of Weigand-Omega's 40+ years of experience in property management, and we share common leadership. We exist to enrich the lives of the senior population through diligent care, compassion, and understanding. Omega Senior Living is the third-party management company that your community needs.

Our management services are available in the areas of:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Memory Care
  • We also manage: CCRC’s, New Construction Lease-ups, Renovations and Re-positions, New Construction and Development Consulting Services, Acquisition Consulting and Due Diligence Services, Receiverships, REO and Foreclosure Management, Management and Consulting Services.


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