Spring Food Drive

Spring Food Drive | A My Neighbor's Keeper Initiative

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May 11-22, 2020

We are excited to announce that we are kicking off our 6th annual Cupboards of Care food drive.  All Weigand-Omega Management properties and Omega Senior Living communities will be collecting canned goods and dry goods throughout the next two weeks with all items to benefit The Salvation Army. This annual food drive aims to collect food and supplies for local pantries in every community we operate in nationwide.  The drive is a part of the “My Neighbor’s Keeper” initiative, our company-wide community involvement program.

All food given to the corporate office in Wichita (333 S. Broadway) will benefit The Salvation Army (350 N Market Street). You can also bring food items to any Weigand-Omega or Omega Senior Living managed property across the nation.

Collection boxes are located in the reception office, and donations will be accepted during regular office hours until Friday, May 22nd, 2020 at noon.

In the past 5 years, we have collected 30,719 items with an estimated value of $41,804. Help us meet our goal of collecting 10,000 items this year for people in need this spring.

If you would like to help, please contact any of our Weigand-Omega or Omega Senior Living managed properties, or call our corporate office at 316-263-2215 for more information.

For Questions, please call 316.263.2215.

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  1. canned beans
  2. dry beans
  3. peanut butter, or other nut butters
  4. rolled oats
  5. canned fruit in juice, not in light or heavy syrup
  6. canned vegetables, with no or low-sodium
  7. low-sodium soups
  8. canned tuna in water
  9. canned chicken
  10. brown rice
  11. quinoa
  12. nuts, unsalted
  13. seeds, unsalted
  14. shelf stable milk and milk substitutes
  15. whole grain pasta
  16. low-sodium pasta sauce
  17. popcorn kernels (not microwave popcorn)
  18. canned stews
  19. unsweetened apple sauce
  20. whole grain, low-sugar cold cereals
  21. olive or canola oil
  22. canned tomatoes
  23. dried fruits, no sugar added
  24. honey
  25. chicken, beef and vegetable broths and stock.

Message from Craig Hanson

“The pantries nationwide have a constant need for filling. The Cupboards of Care food drive is a way to collectively harness the goodwill of our associates, residents, commercial tenants, hotel guests, and vendors to support a cause for the greater good,” states Craig Hanson, the Weigand-Omega Management President and Omega Senior Living Chief Executive Officer. “I’m confident our associates will step up again this year to help lead this effort at their properties and serve their communities, as hunger pains and empty stomachs are a reality in every town.”

He further stated, “At the heart of these family-run companies, we believe in the basic principle of caring for the needs of others in the communities that we live and work in. Our associates enjoy having opportunities to serve others, and our My Neighbor’s Keeper program allows our team members to use their talents and skills in areas they are passionate about. In my personal experience (and from the stories shared by our associates whom delivered these gifts each year), we shared in the smiles, hugs, and saw grateful tears on the faces of food pantry employees who are able to give food boxes to people in the community that hadn’t been able to purchase these much-needed supplies. It was absolutely priceless. We are honored to get the chance to know these amazing people and share in yet another special moment with them this spring.”


Pictured: Bob Hanson, Chief Executive Officer, CPM for Weigand-Omega Management / Chairman of the Board for Omega Senior Living (left), and Craig Hanson, President, CPM, RPA for Weigand-Omega Management and Chief Executive Officer for Omega Senior Living (right).