Service In The Spring

Service in the Spring | A My Neighbor's Keeper Initiative

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March 1 – May 31, 2020

Through our “My Neighbor’s Keeper” initiative, Weigand-Omega Management believes in giving back to all of our local communities. Our contributions, leadership and volunteer efforts help create stronger, healthier places for our residents, clients, and associates to work and live in. Property teams are encouraged to volunteer together!

Beginning March 1
to May 31 associates may request up to 2-hours of paid time off—volunteer time off (VTO), to give time to a personal cause of their choice!

One Mission. Many Locations. Help us serve all of the communities we live and work in. Sign up today! Find your passion. Serve your community.


  1. Fill out the “Employee VTO Request” (attached).
  2. Complete two (2) hours of community service.
  3. Decide on a date to use the Volunteer-Time-Off.
  4. Return the completed form to your supervisor/human resources.

For Questions, please call 316.239.6709

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  • Humane Society
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Food Banks
  • Reading/Mentoring
  • Senior Living Centers
  • Local Hospitals
  • And Most 501c3 Charities

Message from Craig Hanson

“At the heart of these family-run companies, we believe in the basic principle of caring for the needs of others in the communities that we live and work in. Our associates enjoy having opportunities to serve others, and our My Neighbor’s Keeper program allows our team members to use their talents and skills in areas they are passionate about. In my personal experience (and from the stories shared by our associates whom volunteer each year), we shared in the time, opportunities, and saw grateful tears on the faces of the staff who work daily in these community service organizations. It was absolutely priceless. We are honored to get the chance to know these amazing people and share in more volunteer opportunities with them this spring.”


Pictured: Bob Hanson, Chief Executive Officer, CPM for Weigand-Omega Management / Chairman of the Board for Omega Senior Living (left), and Craig Hanson, President, CPM, RPA for Weigand-Omega Management and Chief Executive Officer for Omega Senior Living (right).